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Well, what can I say about me? I guess that I would have to say that I have many interests. I love to learn new things. I'm currently learning to develop Web sites via FrontPage 2002.

In addition to having an incentive administration business, I work at Robert Half International in Pleasanton, CA. As I mentioned, I have many interests and I like to stay busy with multiple projects.

With respect to leisure, I enjoy bowling, reading (everything from the "For Dummies" and "Complete Idiots Guides" to science-fiction), designing Web sites, conversing with friends, and of course, writing.

As you can probably tell, I have a very loose writing style. I would have to say that I owe this to the influence that J.D. Salinger has had on my writing. What can I say? I don't think that I could write any other way. The short novel on this site ("The Prophet Returns...") is very tongue-in-cheek and free form - which is definitely my signature style.

Why did I publish this site? Well, I guess that it was because I just need to be heard (or at least read)! Unfortunately, the traditional publishing mediums represent about 0.01% of the available talent/creative pool in the world. Enter Web publishing.

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