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England Welcome to My Web Site!

Included on this site is my first short novel, The Prophet Returns: (Funny and Not-So-Funny) Random Thoughts of a Madman. The title of this work speaks for itself. While I've attempted to include bits of wisdom throughout the text, this work should be read with a light heart (and an open mind).

As many of you have probably guessed, the title of this short novel is a play on the title of Gibran's magnum opus The Prophet. While I have chosen to use a similar format for this work, the content is completely original. My reasons for this approach were: a) the format provides a great opportunity to rant in a (hopefully) witty manner; and b) to convey my deep appreciation for Gibran's contribution to the philosophical/literature/drawing realm. A true genius.

In addition to The Prophet Returns, I've also included a poem that I wrote entitled "England".

Please note that all works on this site are copyright protected by John M. Zukoski.

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